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El Paso, TX

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El Paso, TX

Streetcar Comeback

El Paso was one of the last cities in the American west to abandon its first generation streetcar system. A unique cross border circular streetcar line running through downtown El Paso then across the bridge into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico survived until the early 1970s (though service was spotty in later years). Now the city is building a new system on the American side of the border using the PCC cars that ran on the original system and have been stored outdoors at the El Paso airport since the mid-1970s.

The new route will run in two loops, connecting the international bridges, retail areas, government buildings, convention center and downtown ballpark with the medical center, University of Texas at El Paso and several historic neighborhoods.

The following images show the first rebuilt El Paso PCC about to be shipped from Brookville's Pennsylvania plant in February 2018:


The following news notes from provide further details about El Paso's plans:


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