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San Pedro, CA

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San Pedro, CA / Port of Los Angeles

The heritage trolley line in San Pedro opened on July 19, 2003.  These photos, taken in March, 2004 by Jim Schantz, show the line in operation with its superb replica and restored cars.  Click on the images to enlarge:

Rebuilt Pacific Electric car 1058 poses at the current outer terminal of the line. Plans call for an extension to a nearby marina.

Replica car 501 poses at one of the high platform stations. A folding bridgesection allows freight cars to pass at night.

A closeup of the accessible boarding and the folding platform bridge section.

Replica car 501 at the cruise terminal end of the line. Ships such as the one in the background will be a prime source of riders.

Car 1058 passes the track leading to the storage and maintenance facility.

Cars 501 and 1058 pass at the passing siding near the middle of the line.

A motorman operates car 501. Note the gates in place of doors--a Southern California feature.

Signage near the cruise terminal directs drivers to parking for the Red Car.


The following photos taken by John Smatlak show the replica cars being tested in May and June prior to the opening:

Car 501, a replica of a Pacific Electric 500-series interurban, receives final colors at the Port of Los Angeles.

Car 501 after painting is suspended on lifts to allow the trucks to be rolled under.

One of 501's fully rebuilt trucks, sourced from the Seashore Trolley Museum.

During the rebuilding, the Port renewed the wheels and axles as well as many frame members.

At a station platform, 501 demonstrates the fold down bridge plate, which is raised at night to allow freight trains to pass.

A typical view along the right-of-way.

The replica car faithfully captures the image of the classic Pacific Electric cars from the first half of the 20th century.


Unfortunately, in 2015 the Port of Los Angeles announced the line would be closed on September 27 to make room for construction. Supporters of the line are advocating its reinstatement once construction is done, but the Port's estimate of $39 million to bring it back makes this unliekly.

The following news notes provide an overview of the heritage trolley system in San Pedro serving the Port of Los Angeles:

Click on the thumbnail photos taken in February, 2002 of San Pedro's developing heritage trolley to expand them:

The beginning station of the line adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles cruise ship terminal.

A typical station along the line shows the platform height set to match the floor level of the cars.

A ramp leading to the station platforms ensures accessibility.

The future site of the storage and maintenance facility adjacent to the outer end of the line. Development and further extension from here are anticipated.

Car 1058 was restored from a derelict Pacific Electric carbody in the 1960s and placed on rubber tires. It is now on back on trucks for operation on the line.

Modern but simple control equipment is being installed on all three cars to ensure reliable and low maintenance operation.

The interior of 1058 features the varnished woodwork of a classic interurban. Reversible seats will be installed before service begins.

Replica cars 500 and 501 take shape with restored car 1058 behind them in the Port of Los Angeles facility.

Car 501 is suspended over its trucks as braking and mechanical equipment is installed.

The sturdy steel frame is clearly visible. Wood is installed on top of the frame for the vintage appearance. The subfloor is plymetal.

A farebox, controller, brake valve, whistle valve, and hand brake wheel are temporarily installed to determine their optimal positions.

One of the car’s trucks, as completely rebuilt from 1924 East Boston rapid transit trucks furnished by the Seashore Trolley Museum.

The link below connects to the line's web site:

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