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Existing Systems


Existing Heritage and Modern Streetcar Systems in the U.S. and Canada

This section provides an illustrated overview of urban heritage trolley or modern streetcar systems currently operating in the United States and Canada, grouped by the size and scope of the operation. For each system there is a background description accompanied by photos and maps, plus a link to that system's website (if one exists):


Large Size/Scale

Atlanta, GA*

Boston, MA

Dallas, TX*

Kansas City, MO

Little Rock, AR

New Orleans, LA*

Philadelphia, PA

Portland, OR*

San Francisco, CA*

Seattle, WA*

Tampa, FL*

Toronto, ONT

Tucson, AZ

Washington, DC*

Medium Size/Scale

Charlotte, NC*

Kenosha, WI

Lowell, MA

Salt Lake City, UT*

Tacoma, WA*

Small Size/Scale

Astoria, OR

Denver, CO

Edmonton, Alberta

El Reno, OK

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Smith, AR

Issaquah, WA

Nelson, BC

San Diego, CA

Savannah, GA*

Surrey, BC

Whitehorse, Yukon Territories


Detroit, MI

Galveston, TX

Memphis, TN

San Jose, CA

San Pedro, CA

Vancouver, BC


* Systems actively planning/building  significant extensions.